Kauai Labs partners with Kauai’s educators to help develop and present classes and other educational opportunities to Kauai’s innovators.  Kauai Labs is dedicated to “open source curriculum”, enabling anyone with sufficient passion to teach Kauai’s entrepreneurs.  If you’re interested in learning – or teaching – the principles, skills and attitudes of innovation, contact KauaiLabs.

Kauai Labs education is targeted at helping innovators learn and grow in these areas:

  • Foundational Principles
    • Science, Technology, Math
  • Key Skills
    • Research, Engineering, Analysis, Troubleshooting
  • Winning Attitudes
    • Constant Innovation, Collaboration, Retrospection


Inventing with Electronics and Software

Learn to invent and build projects w/electronics and software – using your very own Arduino Inventor’s kit!

Class Overview: InventingWithElectronics
Details/questions: Contact Kauai Labs
Intro:  What it’s all about
Session 1  Blinking Lights
Session 2 Loops & Motors & Amps (Oh, My!)
Session 3  Ohm’s Law, Sound and Color
Session 4  Serial Communications & Buttons
Session 5 Midi, Voltage Dividers, Op Amps & Analog Filtering


2 Replies to “Education”

  1. I am working with the myrio and labview and we have to use the navx sensor so I’m assuming it’s compatible.n can you please clarify this.
    Also, I can’t seem to open it…what version is the most recent.


    1. navX-Micro is compatible w/MyRIO via the navX-Micro I2C port.

      At this point, no navX-Micro MyRIO specific LabVIEW libraries have been developed. You might contact Studica who is selling the navX-Micro to see if they have any code examples.

      The I2C register documenation is at:

      Here’s a link to the navX-MXP/navX-Micro forum, there are folks there who can hopefully provide help as you work w/the sensor:!forum/navx-mxp

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