Build Better Robots

Kauai Labs helps students, researchers and hobbyists Build Better Robots® with powerful, easy-to-use, low-cost:

  • Robot Navigation Sensors
  • Robot Controllers/Co-processors
  • Robot Software

Robot Navigation Sensors

Kauai Labs Navigation Sensors combine modern sensor technologies with signal processing, sensor fusion and calibration. The result: precision, easy-to-use measurements of robot orientation, motion and physical surroundings enabling advanced navigation features.

navX-MXP and navX-Micro have been used on thousands of robots in FIRST FRC, FIRST FTC and World Skills robotics competitions – including several recent world champion robots.


Robotics Navigation Sensor Robotics Navigation Sensor

Robot Controllers/Co-processors

Powerful, low-cost electronics featuring integrated, easy-to-use libraries and tools enable mere mortals to Build Better Robots®.

The VMX-pi Robot Controller/Co-processor provides I/O, communication, sensing and compute resources – at a ground-breaking low price in a compact package designed for building intelligent robots.

Robotics Controller/Motion & Vision Co-processor for Raspberry Pi