Kaua’i Labs 2020 Fall Product Release – Next-generation navX2-MXP sensor and more

Announcing new Next-generation navX2-MXP and the recently-released navX2-Micro and VMX FRC Training Robot

The navX legacy continues…

2013: Kaua’i Labs releases nav6: 1st 6-axis IMU for FRC Teams

2015: Kaua’i Labs releases navX-MXP: 1st 9-axis IMU for FRC Teams. Onboard FRC World Champion Robots in 3 separate seasons.

Today: Kaua’i Labs continues leadership in FRC Navigation Technology, releasing “Generation 2” Industrial-strength navX2-MXP and paving the path for machine learning-based navigation sensing.

Kaua’i Labs announces the “Generation 2” Industrial-strength navX2-MXP for FIRST FRC Robotics – for only $99.

  • Significantly improved angular accuracy and stability, even during Extreme inertial events
  • Rapid (5-second) auto-calibrating Startup
  • Accurate real-time Velocity Vector Measurements
  • Improved Linear Displacement Measurements
  • “Drop-in Replacement” for “Classic” navX-MXP

Powered by blazing-fast Kalman Filter-based motion processing on a dedicated 180Mhz floating-point microcontroller, navX2-MXP raises the bar for IMU performance, is plug-n-play with the NI RoboRIO, and is engineered for ease of use by teams of all experience levels.

navX2-MXP’s new IMU features an Embedded Machine Learning Core, enabling development of future real-time Machine Learning-based inertial navigation Features.

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Next-generation sensor for robotics including the FIRST Technology Challenge (FTC) and FRC.

navX2-Micro is a drop-in replacement for the “Classic” navX-Micro sensor, and features new IMU & Magnetometer sensors enabling increased accuracy.

navX2-Micro features an upgraded 180Mhz 32-bit floating-point microcontroller and an optimized startup time at 5 seconds versus 15 seconds. Angular accuracy is improved.

navX2 is powered by a new Kalman Filter-based Sensor Fusion algorithm running internally at a blazing fast 416Hz.

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VMX FRC-Compatible Training Robot for the classroom

Kaua’i Labs has partnered with Studica Robotics to develop a smaller, sturdy, lightweight, and less expensive classroom robot than your typical FRC robot. This robot is powered by the Raspberry-pi based VMX-pi Robotics Controller developed by Kaua’i Labs, and uses the identical software development tools used in FRC for Java and C++ programming.

Schools can equip their labs with multiple FRC Trainers, benefiting from the great value and compact size. Students can even take the robot home with them!

This affordable solution is intended for:

FRC teams that want to learn and train on a smaller and more affordable robot
Schools looking for a way to teach FRC robotics in the classroom – or remotely
Schools that want to teach coding in the classroom through robotics

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