VMX-pi FRC Programming Beta Kickoff

On July 15, 2019 Kauai Labs kicked off the beta of WPI Library Support for VMX-pi. This exciting software release allows FRC-compatible robots to be built with VMX-pi, using C++ or Java with the WPI Library – and using the same development tools and software used for competition FRC programming.

FRC Programming support via the WPI Library in Java and C++ on the VMX-pi platform allows FRC teams to learn and grow year-round:

  • Pre-season: train FRC software developers using the same FRC software development tools in Java and C++ used during competition – on the inexpensive, full-featured VMX-pi platform.
  • In-season: use VMX-pi as a vision coprocessor during competition to implement vision and motion processing, and control CAN devices.
  • Post-season: easily port your competition robot software to VMX-pi, freeing up your expensive control system for other uses.

For more info, please contact [email protected]