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How does one update the firmware for the navX-Micro?
Important note: These instructions are specific to the navX-Micro. For the navX-MXP follow the instructions at

Updating the navX-Micro firmware is a straightforward process, and should be performed if the currently-loaded navX-Micro firmware version is lower than the version required for a particular feature.

Determining the currently-loaded navX-Micro firmware version

The currently loaded navX-Micro firmware version number can be determined:

  • in the navXUI when the “Board Info” button is pressed
  • via the software libraries
  • via the “Currently-loaded Firmware Version” tab of the firmware tool described below


  • navX-Micro Circuit Board (rev. 4.1)
  • PC with USB 2.0 port running Windows 7 or greater.
  • Mini-USB Cable

Updating the Firmware

  • Download the latest build.
  • Unpack the contents of the file and run the setup.exe program, which will install the navXUI, as well as all necessary device drivers for communicating over USB with the navX-Micro, as well as some additional tools. In addition, the setup program will install the latest firmware at the following location:

For example, if your user name is Robot, the directory name will be C:\Users\Robot\navx-micro\firmware.

  • Within that directory, the firmware file will be named using this pattern:

(X = Major Version Number Y = Minor Version Number Z = Revision NUmber)

  1. Connect a USB-mini cable from a Windows PC to the navX-Micro circuit board.
  2. From your Start Menu, select “Kauai Labs” and then “navX-Micro” and click on the run the navXFirmwareUpdater, and follow the directions included in the program.
  3. Once you have downloaded the firmware, you can use the “Currently-loaded Firmware Version” tab of the navXFirmwareUpdater to verify the version number you have just installed.

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