Interface ITimestampedDataSubscriber

  • public interface ITimestampedDataSubscriber
    The ITimestampedDataSubscriber interface provides a method for consumers of navX-Model device data to be rapidly notified whenever new data has arrived. - timestampedDataReceived(): reception of sensor-timestamped data A "sensor" timestamp is provided, generated by the navX-Model device, which is at millisecond resolution. A "system timestamp", also at millisecond resolution, is also provided, which represents as accurately as possible the time at which the data was acquired from the navX-Model device. Note that the "system timestamp" typically has more jitter since it is generated by the host of the navX-Model device. Thus, in general sensor timestamps are preferred, as they are generated by the navX-Model device motion processor and has a greater accuracy (+/- 1ms) than the system timestamp which is vulnerable to latencies introduced by the host operating system. The system timestamp is provided to allow performance monitoring of the navX-Model device host's data acquisition process.
    • Method Detail

      • timestampedDataReceived

        void timestampedDataReceived​(long system_timestamp,
                                     long sensor_timestamp,
                                     AHRSProtocol.AHRSUpdateBase sensor_data,
                                     java.lang.Object context)