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How does one interpret the LEDs on the VMX Robotics Controller?
The following table explains the meaning of the LEDs on the VMX Robotics Controller
Condition S1 (Green) S2 (Green) 3.3V (Green) Fault (Red) CAL (Orange) CAN Status
Startup (1 second) On On On Off On Off
Selftest/Accelerometer Calibration Off On On Off Fast Flash On
Gyro Calibration On On On Off Slow Flash On
Normal On On On Off Off On
    • Note: If the S1 LED is off during Gyro Calibration or Normal State, this indicates interrupts are not being received from the navX-sensor.
    • Note: If the S2 LED is off at any time except briefly after Startup, this indicates a problem communicating to the navX-sensor over the internal I2C bus.
    • Note: If the Fault LED is on at any time, this indicates a short between one of the external power and ground pins.

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