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How does one display navX data on the FIRST FRC robotics dashboard?
The Data Monitor example code demonstrates how to perform navX-MXP initialization and display all sensor values on a FIRST FRC robotics dashboard. The output data values include:

  • Yaw, Pitch and Roll angles
  • Compass Heading and 9-Axis Fused Heading (requires Magnetometer calibration)
  • Linear Acceleration Data
  • Motion Indicators
  • Estimated Velocity and Displacement
  • Quaternion Data
  • Raw Gyro, Accelerometer and Magnetometer Data
As well, Board Information is also retrieved; this can be useful for debugging connectivity issues after initial installation of the navX-MXP sensor.

FRC C++ Example

Full C++ source code on GitHub

FRC Java Example

Full Java Source code on GitHub

FRC LabVIEW Example

The navX-MXP example shows all of the outputs from the navX through “FRC RoboRIO Robot Project”.

Place the NavX main vi on the block diagram and set it up to your needs. The default sample rate is 50Hz. You may need to process faster for your situation. For the SPI, I2C and USB connections the max sample rate is 200Hz.



Place the Test inside of a loop in any VI (for instance in your loop) and the values will automatically update. Test is in the navX-AE “Get” folder.


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