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How do I verify the RoboRIO correctly detects the navX-Sensor USB serial port?
If connecting the RoboRIO to the navX-sensor via one of the RoboRIO USB host ports, you verify that the navX-sensor’s USB interface is correctly bound to a RoboRIO Serial Port.

This information can be acquired via SSH session into the ROboRIO. For instance, if you have connected your RoboRIO to your PC via USB cable (connected to the RoboRIO’s USB Device Port), you can start an SSH session from a command prompt like this:

ssh [email protected]
Within the ssh session, issue the following command to display the bindings of USB Devcie ID to Linux serial port device names:

[email protected]:~# ls -l /dev/serial/by-id

total 0
lrwxrwxrwx 1 admin administ 13 Dec 31 1969 usb-STMicroelectronics_STM32_Virtual_ComPort__Kauai_Labs__00000000001A-if00 -> ../../ttyACM0

In this example, the Kauai Labs device is bound to linux serial port device name "ttyACM0".

As long as an entry for a Kauai Labs device is bound to a serial port, your robot application should be able to open the corresponding USB serial port.

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