VMX-pi Robotics Controller / Vision & Motion Co-processor for Raspberry Pi

VMX-pi Robotics Controller / Vision & Motion Co-processor for Raspberry Pi
VMX-pi Robotics Controller / Vision & Motion Co-processor for Raspberry Pi VMX-pi Robotics Controller / Vision & Motion Co-processor for Raspberry Pi
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VMX-pi is a versatile, low-cost, real-time Robotics Controller, IMU and Motion Processor.  Designed for tight integration w/Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi Zero W as the Vision Processor and Linux Host, VMX-pi plus Raspberry Pi can perform both real-time robotic control and also higher-layer Robot Position Tracking, Drivetrain path-planning and robot appendage kinematics-based control that can be remotely accessed via Ethernet, Wifi or Bluetooth.   Tight integration of IMU, quadrature encoder inputs, vision processing and external environment mapping/range sensors enables localization and SLAM in a compact, extremely low-cost platform.

NOTE:  A Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi Zero W must be purchased separately to work with the VMX-pi.

VMX-pi is the heart of an intelligent robot control system, and includes software librariesexample code and many more features.   Note to FRC teams:  historically, VMX-pi Digital Output control funtionality is not legal for use with FRC actuators (e.g., servos, motors, relays, pneumatics) – but it’s great for building an off-season robot!

VMX-pi also makes a great FIRST FRC Robotics Vision Coprocessor w/Integrated Motion Processing and Timestamps, especially when combined with the VMX-rtk Robotics Toolkit.  And it’s CAN Bus connectivity provides an easy way to monitor an FRC robot CAN Bus.

Super-charge your robot:

  • Switched-mode Power supply for Raspberry Pi and external devices, including under-voltage management and over-current/short-circuit protection
  • 30 Digital IOs and 4 Analog Inputs including circuit protection against over-voltage, and locking connectors for many functions
  • Digital Communication Interfaces including CAN, SPI, I2C and UART
  • navX-technology 9-axis IMU enabling Motion processing features including Field-Oriented DriveAuto-balanceAuto-rotate to angleCollision Detection and more
  • Network Time Server w/Battery-backed Real-time clock for synchronizing data and logs on distributed networked robot controllers

Additional Key Features:

  • Functions either as a complete Development System (via Raspberry Pi inputs for keyboard, mouse, HDMI monitor), or can be used with a remote development environment
  • Breakout boards are available for easily connecting to the Sparkfun QWIIC Connect System family of I2C sensors.

Power up with VMX Robotics Toolkit:

VMX Robotics Toolkit (VMX-rtk) Raspberry Pi Software Images add many features including Video Streaming, Vision Processing Libraries, NTP Server, Real-Time Linux (PREEMPT_RT), ROS Kinetic, WPI Network Tables and more:

  • Vision processing with multiple cameras via Raspberry Pi-based OpenCV libraries and USB or Raspberry Pi Camera interfaces
  • Video streaming and Video capture to SD Card from Raspberry Pi
  • Robot Localization via Motion/Vision Processing fusion with sensor fusion packages (e.g., via the ROS robot_pose_ekf package)
  • Integration with environment mapping sensors (e.g., stereo cameras & 2D or 3D LIDAR) to implement Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) (e.g., via the ROS gmapping package)

Included with VMX-pi is 1 VMX Battery Cable, 1 VMX Wall-wart Adapter Cable and a set of Nylon Standoffs and Nuts.

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