VMX Robotics Toolkit for Raspberry Pi

VMX Robotics Toolkit for Raspberry Pi
VMX Robotics Toolkit for Raspberry Pi
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VMX Robotics Toolkit for Raspberry Pi (VMX-rtk) is a pre-configured micro-SD Card for Raspberry Pi 3/Raspberry Pi Zero W containing up-to-date open-source robotics tools, including:

  • Raspbian StretchCurrent Raspberry Pi Operating System
  • Eclipse:  Software Integrated Development Environment w/C++ and Java development tools
  • Mono:  C# language run-time and development environment
  • Mjpeg-streamer:  Video Streaming Server
  • ROS Kinetic:  Robot Operating System (including core communications and desktop tools)
  • VMX-pi libraries:  Robot Controller/MotionProcessor HAL and ROS Node
  • OpenCV:  Vision Processing - including C++, Java and Python interfaces
  • GRIP:  WPI Graphical Image Pipeline support via ntcore and cscore libraries
  • NTPD:  Network Time Protocol Daemon
  • xGalaga:  Classic video game from the 70s

VMX-rtk is pre-installed onto a high-quality Samsung EvoPlus 32Gb, Class 10/UHS-1 grade SD Card, selected to support the maximum SD card bandwidth usable on a Raspberry Pi 3.

VMX-rtk includes approximately 16Gb free SD card space for robot applications, storing acquired images/videos and logs.


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