navX MXP C++ Class Library for RoboRIO
navX MXP Robotics Navigation Sensor
navX MXP C++ Class Library for RoboRIO Documentation

The navX MXP C++ Library for RoboRIO is based upon the C++ WPI Library, and provides an interface to the navX MXP "Attitude/Heading Reference System" (AHRS) functionality.

To get started w/the navX MXP C++ Library for RoboRIO, please see the Getting Started online documentation.

The AHRS Class is the primary class used to access navX MXP AHRS functionality. To use the AHRS class, instantiate the class using one of the constructors. Several constructors are provided, depending upon which navX MXP communications interface is selected. For more information on selecting the appropriate communications interface, please see "Selecting an Interface".

For source code and Eclipse Project files which demonstrate using the AHRS class in C++, please see the navX MXP Examples.